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Introducing for the First Time Ever


With "Special Pre-spiced Solar Dehydrated Vegetables & Soups " with India's Special Konkani Spice touch.

You can save time & hassle of vegetable preparations as we have done all the work of Cleaning , Cutting , Spicing etc.for you. These products are solar dehydrated with latest technique which retains maximum nutrients contents intact.These veggies comes in a compact and light weight dehydrated form , which expands to its Natural Size & Quantity on preparations . You have to *Just Boil It & Serve It* .

Our Products

Most of our products raw materials are grown & cultivated in hygiene conditions in India's fertile Konkan regions Sea-shore belt . Utmost care is taken in selection of right quality of vegetables ; proper cleaning procedures are followed by cutting & utilising of the edible portions only. These vegetables are blended with a right quantity of spices with a touch of our Konkani recipes , which you will just love to eat.

Also we have avoided the use of Garlic , Onions & Ginger , thereby it will be acceptable for all.... including our Jain community.


is special since it is cultivated in our Konkan's Sea-Sand Beds , which gives it a distinct taste , flavour & a crunchy look.


are hand-picked by experts from our fertile Konkan-belt plantations of Moringa plants.


are made available from within as well as outside regions of Konkan. Utmost care is taken during cleaning by cutting of roots & unnecessary parts and only best plant portions are selected.


is a commonly grown vegetable in Konkan & is a backyard plant of many houses. Care is taken to remove the seeds & tips to give you the best of the veggie .


veggie is carefully selected , unnecessary parts chopped & then spiced , with utmost care taken to retain its original sticky mucilage contents intact.


One Pack of Veggie ... Multiple Options of Recipes "* . Yes it's true with " Quick Veggies " , which has the Indian Spice combinations such that it can be consumed as a Vegetable / as a Soup / can be mixed in Roti's -- Parathas / or mixed in Daal ( according to the type of veggie ) . These veggies retains it's fresh leafy texture , colour , taste & nutrients contents and the Indian spices work the miracle of natural preservative and taste .

We have strictly avoided use of any Chemical Preservatives as well as Artificial Colours or Flavours and taken care that everything is kept *NATURAL* .

Now you can experience the freshness of Vegetables and Spices ...that too Anytime & Anywhere without the hectic process of purchasing fresh vegetables & further preparations. Yes... the Green leafy veggies are at your doorsteps in their Natural Colour , Texture , Nutrients and Taste . We have made it possible by utilising special solar dehydration technique done in enclosed chambers which retains maximum nutrients and vitamin contents intact without any external contaminations .

A Nutritional Suppliement Contains VEGAN Plant Based Proteins & Minerals.