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New Immunity Booster Drink Redimix with actual Noni , Holy Basil, Vasaka Leaves & Noni Fruits

About Sadguru Products

"Sadguru Products" is an ladies operated venture where utmost care is taken for cleanliness & hygiene . Considering the today's situation of Carona pandemics , we have researched & experimented a lot , to get a breakthrough . We have observed that during such conditions in our childhood , our grand--grand parents use to give us a hot liquid combination called Kaadha ( काढा / उबाला ) on regular basis , containing various medicinal leaves such as Noni ( fruit & leaves ) / Adulsa or ( Vasaka ) / Lemongrass etc.which were boiled along with different Ayurvedic medicinal spices .

We were well protected from every viral infections & also from any major health problems . Especially we have observed that our senior citizens use to consume this Kaadha on regular basis and they remained quite healthy & have lived a much longer life . They were relieved from their aging effects of Arthritis , Constipation & Diabetes .

About Ubala

Our firm " Sadguru Products " have launched this New Immunity Booster Drink Redimix with the name as " UBALA " which is having all these healthy ingredients including actual Noni , Holy Basil & Vasaka Leaves & Noni Fruits in right dehydrated proportions.

This Laboratory tested ultimate combination will surely give you all the benefits which our generations have experienced & you too can get the Protective Immunity Boosting Shield . For Trade & Personal Enquiries please free to Contact us & grab this opportunity to Serve Mankind through our Innovative products range .

Experience the Original WHOLE LEAF EXTRACTS of Noni Leaves & Malabar Nut ( Adulsa ) Leaves along with dehydrated Noni Fruit seeds & pulp . Though Adulasa Leaves are slightly bitter in taste , but you can reap better health benefits from its Natural Leaf source through *UBALA IMMUNITY DRINK .